Lower tare weight compared to ordinary cage boxes.

Functional and Product Friendly.

Space-saving (there is volume saving more than 80 % as folded).

High filling volume and optimum level of space-filling.

Saving from storage and shipping costs.

Various acquisition methods depending on your budget with leasing option.


Resistant to the air conditions

Long lasting surface resistance

Long life cycle



Product-specific sleeve thickness

Product-specific printability


Storability as blocks without need of racks


Extremely high mechanical properties

High stability according to the shape

Protective feature against impacts and content contamination

Inter-locking stacking

Contact breaker feature


Long resistance and versatile usage

Easy to clean

Reducing effect on traffic during empty transportation due to low volume

Benefit in the inner packaging cost and waste aspects


Ease of Use

Stackability which provides space-saving.

Sleeve thickness and lightness

Obtaining various thickness or weights is possible depending on the loading capacity.

Box Height

Height of the box can be adjusted in order to achieve optimum packaging density.

Closed Box-edge

In case of certain applications such as applications requiring special hygiene sealing of the outer edge by welding is possible.

Loading Covers

The loading covers may be done to the body of the box in order to provide easily loading and unloading.

Label Pockets

Label pockets in various forms are available for labelling and branding of the containers.


Print may be made on single or all sides. Different colour options may be used on the plate or print.

Bottom Inserts and Dividers

In the applications where sub-surface or goods must be separated completely, it is possible to procure sub parts and the separators.

Partition and Forming Inserts

Packaging or forming inserts specific to the product may be developed for securely packaging of the materials.

Low Flammability Feature

Suitable for specific applications such as stand structures and air mail transportation.

Extra Strength

Products with increased density and thickness are available for resisting to heavy loads.